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Dolly Singh is a Senior Advisor to Founders across various sectors of technology, who are
building mission driven, high impact organizations. Her experience spans all aspects of talent and people processes, with a focus on building high performance, innovative, inclusive and
scalable cultures aligned to the authentic DNA of the brands and businesses she engages with.

Dolly Singh is also the Founder of Thesis Couture, a fashion-tech firm using engineering to make high heels that properly support a woman’s body, without compromising on stunning style. Harpers Bazaar called Thesis, “Jimmy Choo on the outside, and Jetsons on the inside.”

Previously Dolly Singh was Head of Talent Innovation at ServiceTitan, a SaaS unicorn
democratizing the power of software for small business entrepreneurs in the trades. She was
responsible for Talent Innovation Programs, Diversity & Inclusion, Talent Brand, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Prior to ServiceTitan, Dolly was Managing Director of Global Talent for Citadel and Citadel
Securities; asset management and marketing making financial firms founded by wall street
legend Ken Griffin. Dolly championed the first corporate rebrand for the business in 25 years
and redesigned talent and people operations for both businesses.

Prior to Citadel, Dolly was the Head of Talent at Oculus VR, a groundbreaking gaming and
virtual reality technology company acquired by Facebook for $2.5B+. She worked with the
company founders to build a best in class team and talent practices to support the business in
preparation for the launch of the revolutionary Oculus Rift VR system.

Prior to Oculus, she was the Head of Talent Acquisition at SpaceX, where she was responsible for talent across all engineering (software, hardware, electronics, propulsion, structures, launch and test), operations, and business teams; and worked closely with the company CEO, Elon Musk to grow the company from ~200 to 4000+ in 5 years.

Prior to SpaceX, she was the owner and managing principal at a boutique consulting firm with Fortune 100 clients in the aerospace, defense, and biotechnology sectors. Dolly is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, and a proud mom of four.

Dolly Singh

Founding Partner


Who I am:

My mom, a Labor Activist, and my dad, an HVAC Entrepreneur, made and raised me in St. Louis, where my love of BBQ, the Cardinals, and roller-skating were also born. I became a dad of 3 so that my dad jokes are now socially acceptable and my following has increased 300%. I like tie-dye.

My list of personal accolades:
• St Louis regional cub scout pinewood derby champion - 1989
• Convincing my wife to marry me - 2014
• Chicken Wing King of Redwood City - 2017
• Mr. Redwood City People’s Choice - 2018

What I've done:

I began my recruiting career in Tokyo, partnering with international companies to build engineering teams.

In 2011 I co-founded RockIT Recruiting with Jane Buescher.  We scaled portfolio companies for our partners: Khosla, a16z, KPCB, Bessemer, Battery, Greylock, Sequoia, Accel, Lightspeed, Redpoint, Norwest, NEA, DFJ, Mayfield and more.  Our team of 25 recruiters built teams for > 200 Bay Area startups.  In 2018, when RockIT was acquired, we retained 100% of our team through the first year of the acquisition.

In 2020 I partnered with Human Capital to hire their VP of Talent and continue building their Talent Advisory Council.

In 2021 I began my climate tech journey by helping Heliogen: double their engineering team, launch university hiring, build talent brand and their talent engine.

My superpowers are:

Making something from nothing, I enjoy going from 0 to 1.

Distilling a company’s essence to create a compelling employee value proposition (a.k.a. storytelling) in order to build founding teams that win.

My drive for battling climate change:

I have been blessed in life to be able to learn, meet amazing people, and do impactful work.  I feel a sense of responsibility to put those blessings to work for a good cause.  At the end of the day, if the Earth is on fire, nothing else matters.  A healthy planet is the foundation for a healthy humanity, and I need to do my small part towards this goal.

Cody Voellinger

Founding Partner


Nadine has experience hyperscaling organizations and leading recruiting teams: She has led teams at SolarCity, Tesla, Symantec and Freenome, and helped Calisolar grow from 30 to 200 employees, SolarCity from 800 to 14,000 employees and Freenome from 150 to 300 employees. She is currently interim Head of Talent at Aurora Solar.

Nadine Silverman

Senior Talent Partner


Jo Maxion

Senior Talent Advisor


Heather is a seasoned talent acquisition leader and advisor, a tree and bee lover, and is determined to create safe, equitable, and healthy conditions for all and ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

Heather began her professional career in financial services, moved into intel and technical recruiting for government contractors around the beltway, and then transitioned into healthcare and chronic health condition management as Head of Talent Acquisition at Livongo, a pre-IPO/startup experiencing a period of hyper-growth.  Building out high-performing recruiting teams in fast-growth environments has been an enjoyable challenge for her.  She was selected to head all global recruiting for Teladoc Health after Livongo’s acquisition and came to Earth Partners from there.

Equality and diversity have always been important to Heather and throughout her career, she has created initiatives to increase workplace diversity, ensure inclusive working environments, and influence corporate culture in positive ways.

At home she is an active backyard beekeeper and gardener, with keen interests in aquaponics, indoor and sustainable agriculture, getting outdoors, and traveling to new places in the world to experience new cultures whenever she can.  She brags too much about being an early electric car owner and a novice mushroom farmer.

Heather O'Callaghan

Senior Talent Advisor


Jesse feels lucky to have been given the opportunity to specialize in early-stage companies, as employee #3 and #14 at Tegus and Indigov respectively. During these builds, he experienced first hand how getting the right talent in the door could make or break these budding problem-solvers. He is also passionate about getting outside and living sustainably. In previous lives, he filmed sloths for a Costa Rican non-profit and visited Dr. Thomas Lovejoy's biodiversity research center in the Amazon.  

Jesse Gurney

Talent Advisor


Ray Biron is a seasoned operations professional working in a variety of roles to support Earth Partners' mission.

Before joining Earth Partners, Ray was an operational leader at Alef Education, an Emirati edtech company, helping it scale from one pilot school in Abu Dhabi to over 400 schools in the UAE, Indonesia, Canada, and the United States.

Ray is also the president of Theresa Street, a non-profit that fundraises for programs delivering meaningful and measurable work in Southcoast Massachusetts.

Ray holds a Bachelor's degree in History from Tufts University and a Master's degree in Education from Harvard University.

In his free time, Ray enjoys training for marathons, studying Arabic, performing with his band, and blindly supporting the Boston Celtics.

Ray Paul Biron

Chief of Staff

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